About Us

Perzina Pianos was founded in 1871 by the Perzina brothers, Julius and Albert. They were the sons of Saxon piano builder, Anton Perzina. The brothers worked for several piano builders to learn their craft, the most famous being the factory of Carl Bechstein. The brothers had one goal when designing their piano: “To build a piano with an outstanding sound, beautiful design and the ability to offer pleasure for generations to come; all at an affordable price”.

The first location for the factory was in Schwerin, North Germany. In the late 1950’s, the factory was moved to newer and larger premises in Lenzen, Germany. The factory was purchased by piano entrepreneur Ronald Bol in 1993. The factory is still in Lenzen although production has been moved to a newly built factory in Yantai, China. The new factory has over 355,000 square feet of buildings that accommodate all stages of production; from framework to soundboards and from action building to cabinetry.

Almost 5,000 upright and 1,500 grand pianos are produced in our facilities every year, a number which by some “standards” (mainly of other piano manufacturers) might be considered as small. The importance surely does not lie in the quantity of the products, but lies in the quality of each of them. Each of our pianos is a meticulously hand-crafted instrument which needs an average of one year to complete, follows the exact same traditional German techniques as laid down by Julius and Albert Perzina and carries the vast technical knowledge of generations! The materials we use to build these wonderful pianos are carefully selected (soundboard, keys, action parts, hammers, strings, timber, metals, lacquers, etc.) so they can deliver the warm European sound each of the Perzina pianos evokes, and the touch that all pianists

love and expect from our instruments.