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Perzina Uprights

These pianos are a dream to play and hear!

Perzina upright (vertical) pianos feature the following:

  • A patented floating soundboard for freer vibration and greater resonance.

  • A reverse or “concave” soundboard crown, this directs the sound out into the room and not towards the wall behind the piano.

  • Unique plate design and bridge placement that allows for 20% longer speaking length of bass strings.

  • German made hammers.

  • German RÖSLAU strings.

  • Austrian white spruce soundboard that is layered to prevent cracking.

  • German Delignit pinblock.

  • Laminated keys (to prevent warping).

  • Wooden pedal beams.

  • Slow-fall fallboard mechanism.

  • Adjustable artist bench (with storage).

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Prepare to be surprised, very, very surprised! Once you play the GP112, you’ll be rubbing your eyes and reaching for a tape measure. Never before has a 45” piano attained a bass tone so deep, a mid-range so full of body and a singing top-range as has the GP112. For the customer who needs a smaller-profile instrument, but doesn’t want to compromise on sound quality, the search is over!

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The first choice of musicians, the “GP122” is the perfect balance of price and performance. Featuring the longest bass string of any 48″ piano currently in production, the “GP122” is the answer to those seeking more than the standard fair. Its sound is rich and deep without any sacrifice in clarity or perfectly balanced sustain; a result of its multi-year aging process on all maple, hornbeam, and Austrian white spruce components.

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The “GP129BB” says it all – you’re at the height of musical experience; at the center of your own tonal world. As you dive into a bass deeper than ever imagined on an upright, and a class-leading sustain, it’s easy to forget you’re not in front of a grand. A silky touch, a mature, complex tone and a strikingly simple design make this 51″ upright, a true work of art.

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The “GP130BB” is unique amongst the Perzina line – a piano of an extraordinary size (52″). The result is a bass with sustain and color which moves well beyond the capability of the 129. Truly an ideal choice for those seeking a grand, but without the space to accommodate it. The “GP130BB” will provide endless hours of tonal exploration and discovery like no other upright can.